Fire Hope 





The fire of Hope vowed to be a dedication to mountain education.After graduation, Azalea returned to tives.

Brand: uemo

Fabric: Other material

Commuter: Literature and Art

Cloaps: single breasted

Combination form: single-piece

Year season: Fall 2019

Popular elements / process: fold drawing

Profile: Type A

Applicable age: age of 18-24 years old

Pattern: stripe

Tie type: Other

Color classification: Light rice

90% Merino wool / 10% cash­mere / dry clean­ing, hang­ing dry­ing, cold wa­ter and ma­chine wash­ing, medium tem­per­a­ture iron­ing, only use non-chlo­rine bleach­ing agent when needed


Made of Merino wool blended fab­ric and blended with a lit­tle cash­mere to cre­ate a del­i­cate knit­ting tex­ture. Loose ver­sion, with ribbed half-high col­lar and loose short sleeves, with mov­able open­ing on both sides. 


Gert Jonkers: Luca, where are you?

Luca Guadagnino: I finally got home. I had a long delay on the road. I had been working, working, working.

GJ: Are you ready for a vacation?

LG: Not yet, I have some things to do, and I will leave until I finish finished.

GJ: Where do you usually go?What is your vacation mode?

LG: I will stay at home and cook.

GJ: Really?


LG: Really, I love cooking very much.

GJ: Are you not a person who likes basking on the beach?

LG: Yes, I don't like the sun very much.Because I travel so much, I just want to stay at home.To be honest, I overestimated my physical strength, and when I decided to keep Call Me by Your Name and The Wind, I didn't know I needed to keep running around, it's not the biggest fun for me.

GJ: It's so funny that a director doesn't like the sun.Isn't the shooting based on the light