Preview our spring / summer 2019 collection with design cuts featuring water and air as inspired elements.Echothe flying parachute, our new season collection is full of lightweight fabric and wide look, with functional details and more profiles with flowing lines.

Pick up from the neutral color of the earth, pure and simple white, as well as a variety of blue and pink, together to build the color theme of the spring and summer 2019 series.

Materiality creates a lot of redundant products that are masked in their customizable appearance.Consumerism has stalled many advances in design and production, even on the smallest and most familiar objects.So I'm excited to see the method notebook system created by a lifestyle brand of the same name in Seoul: Methods.

The Laptop System was their first project on Kickstarter, after two years of research and planning.It is not easy to accept famous products and improve their functionality; the biggest obstacle that has followed is to change the way users see and use norms and redirect them to new things.While the Approach Notebook system presents a minimal look, it is characterized by its innovative add-ons that enhance the user experience through customization.

The four add-ons include index stickers, bookmarks, notes, and highlighted labels.Using the adhesive mechanism, Approach has proposed methods for organizing, marking, and storingnotebooks.In my opinion, the ability to retreat and undo, as well as highlighted stickers and notes, are one of the most prominent features of this system.While these components can be found individually in the store, combining them into a complete package is more effective —— simple and beautiful.

In the current mass production market, the role of designers is to screen out what is needed to meet their ideas of improving their existing products.With a careful and thorough analysis similar to the "method," it is entirely possible to push the product to the spotlight and towards the necessary evolution.