Origin of the music 



The origin of music in human society can be traced back to the very ancient famine era.Before human 



Located on the southernmost coastline of Norway, Under was designed by Snøhetta and became the first underwater restaurant in Europe.At the same time, Under is also a research center for Marine ecology. It is adjacent to the ocean and is valuable for Norway's rugged coastline and seabed ecological research.



Under's design philosophy takes the surrounding marine environment into account.The huge buildings fell down the coast, as if gradually off the water.Its appearance looks like a periscope, and the wide glass Windows bring the changing original ecological ocean landscape in the seabed.





The life of modern urbanites, like a stage play, always want to present more splendor and surprises in a limited time.

So, we are used to eating fast food, drive fast, walk fast, in the "fast life" in a hurry, race against time.Faced with the pressure, I forget to stop and see the beauty of life.And this tea picking, tea making activities, is to bring everyone back to nature.